Activity Descriptions

Training Center Hikes

Nature Trail Hike

Check out this easy 0.75-mile (1.5-mile roundtrip) nature trail across from the Philmont Training Center! This is the only Philmont hike that is self-guided. Discover different plants and animals that live in this area and explore some of the science that makes our environment unique. More information and maps are available at the PTC office.

North Ponil Dinosaur Hike

Philmont is home to one of only two confirmed Tyrannosaurus Rex footprints in the world! Charles Pillmore, a USGS research geologist, was mapping the North Ponil Canyon in 1983 and mentioned the possible dinosaur tracks in his field notes. In 1989, he shared the photos with Dr. Martin Lockley, dinosaur track specialist, and the confirmation occurred. Enjoy this easy, half day, 2.25-mile roundtrip hike in the North Country of Philmont.

Lovers Leap Hike 

Lovers Leap is an iconic Philmont spot. The 1.5-mile hike from Lover’s Turnaround to Lovers Leap has some elevation change, with the base of the canyon at 6,500 feet climbing to the jutting cliff face at 7,372 feet. Join us in visiting this ancient rock and discover the legend that gave it its name! This easy half-day, staff led, 3-mile roundtrip hike contains some trail inclines and declines.

Urraca Loop Trail Hike

If you are looking for a moderate trail to hike with your family, then the Urraca Loop trail is for you! This staff-led, 3.5-mile loop focuses on the changing geology and fauna from the plains to the low hill region of Urraca Mesa.

Abreu Hike

Head to Philmont’s South Country to hike to the homestead of the 1912 Abreu Family! Enjoy a full day, 4-mile, easy round-trip hike along the Rayado River. Once at Abreu, take a cabin tour to learn about New Mexico homesteads. This hike will be hot; please be prepared for sun and bring plenty of water! If you wish to purchase root beer at the Abreu Cantina, please bring cash.

Hart Peak Hike

This moderate, 5.5-mile roundtrip hike takes you up beyond the Ponil backcountry camp and up to a beautiful view of Philmont’s North Country. Some gradual incline takes place as your reach at Hart Peak’s summit at 7,975 feet. When you are finished with your full-day hike, enjoy some root beer at Ponil’s Cantina before you head back to Base Camp. If you wish to purchase root beer at the Ponil Cantina, please bring cash.

Inspiration Point Hike

Want to experience one of the most breathtaking 360-degree views at Philmont? Join us on a hike to Inspiration Point! You will start your journey to Inspiration Point at Lover’s Leap Turnaround, then hike 2.5 miles up to one of our backcountry camps, Urraca, and then hike .75 miles up a steep trail to Inspiration Point. Upon your arrival at Inspiration Point, you will be greeted by a spectacular view of the Tooth of Time and the valleys where the Rockies meet the plains. This all-day hike is strenuous due to the significant elevation change within the distance of 6.5 miles roundtrip. This hike is led by Philmont Staff.

Tooth of Time Hike*

This all-day, 5.25-mile roundtrip, staff led hike is very strenuous due to the significant elevation change over short distance, a peak over 9,000 feet, strenuous rock scrambles needing both hand and foot support, and rough terrain. Participants should expect hot weather, minimal shade, and challenging terrain. This hike will not be available during the Spring or Winter months due to hazards created by weather.  Must be 6 years of age.

Fee $75 per person

Mountain View Ridge Trail

This hike has beautiful views of Philmont North Country and beyond. This 5.8-mile round trip all day hike will get you a closer look at Philmont’s highest point; Baldy Mountain at 12,441ft! Beyond Philmont’s property line you can see Little Costilla Peak at 12,585ft! After hiking this gorgeous ridge trail, you can stop by the Interpretive Ponil Cantina for a nice cold root beer!

Window Rock Hike

Tour Philmont’s Demonstration Forest, Cathedral Rock, and Cimarroncito reservoir area on the way to this scenic view. This is a 7-mile round trip hike takes you to the scenic overlook called Window Rock. Window Rock reaches an elevation of 8,227ft. From this location you can see the Villa Philmont, the arrowhead side of Tooth Ridge, and the beautiful plains of Philmont’s front country.

Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge is an original structure to the ranch. It was Waite Phillips’ hunting cabin where he took many prominent guests to hunt and enjoy the mountain of northern New Mexico. This 5.4-mile round trip hike takes you through Philmont’s Demonstration Forest where visiting foresters can share about the forestry and ecology at Philmont. On the way you will see the iconic Cathedral Rock just above the Cimarroncito Reservoir. Once at Hunting Lodge guests will be able tour this historic cabin.

Climbing Wall and High Ropes

Rock Climbing and Hight Ropes will include high ropes⁰, crate stacking⁰, and the rock-climbing wall⁺. There is a 30-person cap per session, with high ropes and crate stacking sessions to have 16 participants. Rock climbing will be available during these times for the remaining 14 participants. Please check the age requirements for these elements.  Long pants are recommended for the climbing wall activities. This program is a half-day activity.

Climbing wall 5+

Hight Ropes 11+

Horseback Riding

For families interested in learning about life in the saddle of a Northern New Mexico cowboy, you can make the half-day trip to Cattle Headquarters. There, wranglers will introduce saddles and tack before taking the group on a trail ride. For the safety of the rider and the horse, there is a 200-pound weight limit and minimum of 24″ inseam for all riders, with youth required to be 8 years or older. Buddy riding is not allowed at Philmont. Long pants and closed-toed shoes are required for horseback riding. This activity will have a cap for 10 people per ride.

8 years old with a 24 inch inseam

Fee $45 per person

Shooting Sports

Check out the shooting sports range here at Philmont! Families will have a chance to experience: Slingshots⁺, Archery⁺, BB gunsⁱ, Tomahawks⁰, Rifle⁰*, and Sporting Clays⁰*. Shooting Sports are broken into an hour and a half session, with 3 specialties available each session.

Slingshots 5+ (5 & 6 year olds must an adult partner)

Archery 5+ (5 &6 year olds must have an adult partner)

BB Guns 6+ (6 year olds must have an adult partner)

Tomohawks 11+

Shotgun 11+

Rifle 11+

Craft Center

The open program format at the Craft Center allows you to show up for instruction for any of the craft activities offered including the chance to work with ceramics, wearable art (clothing and accessories), leathercraft, stamp art, Southwestern crafts, and home decor.

Pony Ring and Farm Yard

For families with younger or smaller children, the Philmont Training Center pony barn and farm yard will be open during specific times of the day. Children with less than 24” inseam or up to 10 years old are able to ride the ponies, guided by the PTC Pony Wrangler. Parents, please accompany your children and experience this special time. Long pants and closed-toed shoes are required. Small Fry participants will have their own reserved pony ride times. The farm yard is open when Pony Rides are open, come meet some farm friends!

Fly Tying and Casting

Hosted by Philmont staff, learn how to tie a fly and how to cast a fly rod at the Philmont Training Center, then take your skills out to the Philmont Reservoir.

Philmont Museums

Kit Carson Rayado Tour
The Kit Carson Museum at Rayado in Philmont’s southeast corner (seven miles south of the Training Center) is a living history museum that houses exhibits and artifacts pertaining to life on the Santa Fe Trail and the lives of mountain men Kit Carson and Lucien Maxwell. The interpretive museum staff will show families through the display areas and blacksmith shop.

Chase Ranch Tour
The Chase Ranch, founded in 1869, was owned and operated by the Chase family for over 143 years. The historic adobe ranch house offers a glimpse of ranch life starting around the time of the Colfax County land grant war, through the territorial and statehood periods into modern times. This ranch and the Chase family were instrumental in transforming western ranching into what it is today. During the summer months, staff offer guided tours of the main house, grounds, orchards, and tack room.

Villa Philmonte Tour
Philmont benefactor Waite Phillips’ summer home, the Villa Philmonte, is open each day for tours. Family Adventure Camp will have specific tours assigned to this program.

National Scouting Museum
Newly opened in 2018, experience the National Scouting Museum! This self-guided activity is a great opportunity to learn about the rich, 100-plus year history of the Scouting movement with collections of some of Scouting’s greatest treasures. This collection not only documents Scouting’s unique influence on American culture but also tells the story of a movement that has positively affected the lives of more than 110 million young people.

Genevieve's Villa Tea

Sit back and relax on the Villa Front Porch as you take in the beauty of Philmont while sipping tea and learning more about the Phillip’s family history and meeting new friends.

Fee $10 per person