Travel Companies Serving Philmont

Traveling to and from Philmont is an important part of the high-adventure experience. Most contingents will find transportation the largest expense in the budget. Study the various travel options before making a final decision. Choose one that has the greatest appeal and is affordable.

Philmont participants have found public carriers to be reliable transportation to the ranch. Consult the passenger department of any of the following carriers for scheduling information and costs. Your local travel agency can also provide this service.

Philmont does not endorse any agency or vendor listed here, but provides this information to assist groups in making travel and lodging arrangements.

  • Airlines to Denver (270 miles from Philmont), Colorado Springs (190 miles), Pueblo (159 miles), Albuquerque (220 miles), and Amarillo (220) – obtain chartered bus directly to Philmont, OR Greyhound Lines (800-231-2222) to Raton.
  • Charter bus service arranged at home direct to Philmont.
  • Amtrak Train (800-872-7245 or www.amtrak.com) to Raton – Philmont bus to/from Philmont.
  • Amtrak Train to Denver – obtain charter bus directly to Philmont or Greyhound Lines (800-231-2222) to Raton – Philmont bus to/from Philmont.
  • Thrifty Car Rental (800-847-4389) – Seven- or 12-passenger vans available to rent from Albuquerque, based on availability.
  • Advantage Rent-A-Car (Albuquerque 505-247-1066) – Rentals available.
  • Grayline of Denver (303-289-2841 or www.grayline.com/denver) & Grayline of Colorado Springs (800-345-8197) daily carrier with direct service to Philmont from Denver International Airport, Denver Amtrak & Colorado Springs Airport.

Inquire from airlines reservations personnel about supplemental chartered airline services offering packaged plans with reduced group rates.

Travel companies serving Philmont include the following: