PhilNews 2014

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0 May 29
  • Return to Scouting Paradise
  • Sharing the Journey
  • The View From up Top
  • A Job Well Done
  • A Million Moments
  • An Amazing Journey
  • A Sense of Curiosity
  • Chaplain’s Corner
May 29, 2014 Banquet


1 June 6
  • Work Worth Doing
  • What’s New at Philmont
  • Prepping for Scatter
  • Ask the Rangers
  • The Ranger Mile: Exploring Philmont’s Southwest Country
  • Chase Ranch Wrangles Cimarron History
  • Railroad History Steams into Metcalf Station
  • PhilFlashback: Doctor Schley
June 7th, 2014 Issue 1


2 June 13
  • Ranger Rendezvous
  • In Living History
  • Mark’s Minute: Roosevelt and the Life Stance
  • The Ranger Mile: Hiking the Clear Creek Trail
  • Lesson of the Week: On my Honor, I will do my Best to do my Duty
  • Research the Bear Necessities
  • Inspiration: A Daily Creation
  • How Camps get Their Name: The Central Edition
June 13th, 2014 Issue 2


3 June 20
  • International Scounting Comes to PTC
  • Participants Arrive at Philmont
  • Pro-Scouting Interest Reception
  • Mark’s Minute: Walking the Talk
  • The Ranger Mile: Hidden Gems in Central Country
  • Sustaining for Philmont’s Future
  • First Scouts at the Chase Ranch
  • Students Think Every Moment
June 20st, 2014 Issue 3


4 June 27
  • Outing in Scouting
  • PhilNeighbors
  • PhilFashion: Who Wore it Better?
  • Mark’s Minute: Be an Intensively Active Listener
  • The Ranger Mile: Early-Season Adventures in the Valle Vidal
  • Conquering New Heights
  • Logging an Experience of a Lifetime
  • History Blurb: The Geological Side
June 27st, 2014 Issue 4


5 July 4
  • Remembrance at the Casa
  • Backcountry Horse Camps
  • OA Advisor Seminar
  • Mark’s Minute: Second Mile Service
  • The Ranger Mile: Take a Hike to Fish Camp
  • Day in the Life: Conservation Work Crew
  • PhilNeigbor: Carson National Forest
  • PhilFashion: Who Wore it Better?
July 4th, 2014 Issue 5


6 July 11
  • 92nd Maverick Club Rodeo
  • Mark’s Minute: One Million Backcountry Participants
  • The Ranger Mile: Baldy Mountain and Hidden Treasures of the North Country
  • Mining Through History
  • Mountain men and Black Powder
  • Carson National Forest Community Meeting in Cimarron
  • LDS Leadership Conference at PTC
  • What’s New: Metcalf Station
July 11th, 2014 Issue 6


7 July 18
  • Pro-Scouting Interest Reception
  • Three Generations
  • 2014 Winter Job Fair List
  • Mark’s Minute Philmont Friendships
  • The Ranger Mile: Adventure into Carson National Forest: Little Costilla
  • Reload and Shoot
  • Trading Post / Commissary
  • Seton Birthday Reception and Gallery Opening
July 18th, 2014 Issue 7


8 July 25
  • Amtrack Visits the Ranch
  • Silver Sage Award Ceremony
  • Mark’s Minute: Philmont’s New Look
  • The Ranger Mile: Doin’ it Right: Black Death and Super Black Death
  • History Blurb: Ernest Thompson Seton
  • Pioneering the Past
  • Touring Through Time
  • NAYLE Inspires Leaders of the Future
July 25th, 2014 Issue 8


9 August 1
  • Backcountry Bookends: A to V in the Valle Vidal
  • Rayado Ridge Dedication
  • Dan Beard Challenge Course
  • Mark’s Minutes
  • The Ranger Marathon
  • The STEM of the Universe
  • Exploring the Wheeler Park Wilderness
  • Dallas On Days Off: Rocky Mountain National Park
August 1st, 2014 Issue 9


10 August 8
  • New and Old on the North Ponil
  • Philmont’s Water System
  • Mark’s Minute: Last(ing) Impressions
  • The Ranger Mile: Tossin’ a Line
  • Staff Amigo
  • Rangers VS. Backcountry
  • “Philmont Scout Ranch? What the Heck is That?”
  • Tim Crofton
August 8th, 2014 Issue 10


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