PhilNews 2018

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4 July 6
  • This is the final issue for 2018
  • Into the Black: Ute Gulch
  • Chief Scout shows support
  • A Tale of Two Taylors
  • Mapping Out Philmont
  • Spotting Wildlife while at Philmont
  • The Ranger Mile: Sugarite Canyon State Park
  • Chaplain’s Bio: Pastor Wally
  • The Chaplain’s Corner
  • For the Aspiring Photographers at Philmont

2017 Issue 4


3 June 29
  • Voices from the Valle: Green Battalion Sounds Off
  • Revitalizing the Villa
  • Outfitting Helps Outfit Local School
  • Ranger Mile: Not Your Typical Colorado Adventure
  • Be Smart About Bears
  • Enjoying the Night Skies at Philmont
  • Meet the chaplains
  • Chaplain’s corner: Still Changing Lives

2017 Issue 3


2 June 22
  • A Tribute to Scouting’s Past
  • Cimarron Forum Gives Hope
  • The Many Roles of Logistics
  • Working to Restore
  • Ranch Leadership: Laws of Teamwork
  • Soak Up the Sun (Safely)
  • Ranger Mile: The Villa Philmonte
  • Anticipating New Growth for Wildlife Post-Fire
  • Chaplain’s corner: Why Philmont is God’s Country

2018 Issue 2


1 June 11
  • Staff Spirit Soar Despite Evacuation
  • Wear it Well
  • Return to Roving Prospectors
  • The Ranger Mile: Close to HOmE
  • History Lives On
  • Meet the chaplains
  • Chaplain’s corner: Climbing the Mountain

2018 Issue 1


Banquet May 29
  • New additions
  • Change Lives
  • Decoding the First Day
  • New Adventures
  • One of a kind
  • Food for thought
  • Sharpen your saw
  • Fast and furious
  • Creating a new home
  • Reflection
  • Award winning ToTT
  • Making a Difference

2018 Banquet Issue


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