This decision would be made on June 1st at the latest. However, if due to federal/state guidance or other factors Philmont/BSA leadership feel it has become apparent, this decision will likely be made earlier.

We would prefer to schedule your date once we know that July 1st will be the definite start to the season. We anticipate having updated arrival dates and positions for staff by June 1st at the latest.

It is very difficult to predict the future, particularly in this current situation. Philmont is not going to cancel the season for crews who have put so much time, effort, and money into their experience until it becomes absolutely necessary that we must. We are making decisions in coordination with or under the guidance of the BSA, American Camp Association, New Mexico Department of Health and the CDC.

Staff should feel free to move forward with other plans for the summer without any guilt or remorse. No negative marks will be placed in their personnel file and this will not be considered in future employment decisions. We only ask that you notify Philmont as quickly as possible if this decision is made.

We have been in communication with both Gray Line (DEN/COS) and Blue Sky (ABQ) to update shuttle services on approved staff arrival dates. After new arrival dates are established please follow the directions on the shuttle reservation forms provided in your staff packet and below as well:

Phases of the plan to reopen New Mexico may place additional restrictions on staff traveling via airline.

At this time, we do not plan to bring in staff prior to June 15th apart from those already employed on the ranch and/or living in Colfax County.

This is a possibility on a very limited basis. However, we are likely to draw from staff who already have experience and training in this field.

We are currently exploring housing options for staff and participants and seeking guidance from the New Mexico Department of Health. Limited individual tents or rooms are a possibility for some staff but likely not all.

We are following guidance from the CDC and New Mexico Department of Health. We are not currently open because this guidance does not permit us to do so. However, we plan to begin operations once we have the proper approvals and precautions in place. We will not open if we are not permitted to do so.

We are seeking guidance from the BSA’s National Health & Safety Staff. Information on the BSA’s Insurance Plan for seasonal staff and participants can be found in The High Adventure Base Campers Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan brochure which is also in your staff packet.

Philmont is working closely with the New Mexico Department of Health and other experts to determine a quarantine plan for participants or staff who arrive with symptoms of a communicable disease. Staff and participants will be screened when they arrive at the ranch.

All staff members and participants will be asked to comply with any updated policies or procedures put in place by Philmont in addition to State & Federal Guidelines. Those who refuse to cooperate will be asked to leave the ranch.

Procedures are being put in place to ensure that all shared equipment, tools, vehicles, and work/living spaces will be put in place with guidance from state and federal authorities.

We are exploring a variety of transportation methods for both crews and staff (including rented vans, buses, or better utilizing our current fleet of vehicles). All transportation methods will be sanitized between use (including sprays, misters, and wipe downs).

In the past, Philmont, like any other large camp or residential facility, has experienced communicable viruses and bacteria. Philmont has continually put emphasis on cleaning and sanitation through staff training, improved protocols, and increased supplies. However, none of this will be effective without the support and participation of each individual. It will be up to every staff camp, base camp department, and crew to ensure proper hygiene, social distancing, and other precautions for us to prevent the spread of any virus or bacteria.

We recommend that any staff member who thinks they might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should take extreme caution and likely should not participate on staff for the 2020 season without express clearance from their healthcare provider. The CDC provides a guide on who this might include here:

These programs, which require large gatherings of people, likely will not be possible. We are working on alternative methods to continue to provide some of these important aspects of the Philmont experience. (for example – chaplains working with individual crew within base camp or on the trail, rangers/guides holding programs and discussions on the history of Philmont, etc.)

If at time of operation masks, gloves, or other PPE are required for safe operation in a particular workplace (particularly medical and food service situations), they will be provided, and their use will be required.

Staff and participants will be asked to bring their own cloth facemask (which covers nose and mouth).

As with any situation, concerns regarding work responsibilities should be discussed with a supervisor. If an employee does not feel the situation has been addressed, it can be moved up the chain of command or through the personnel office if severe enough.

If an employee is concerned about overall working conditions, they always have the option to opt-out from employment.

Yes, seasonal leadership and on-site staff have already been involved in the planning processes. It is not feasible to involve 1,200+ staff in the planning process, but if staff feel they might have insight into a specific process or program, they should pass their staff leaders.

We are planning to work closely with the New Mexico Department of Health through the process of reopening the ranch. We plan to revise and continue to update policies and procedures as circumstances require, including scaling up and scaling down operations as required.

All staff involved in the evacuation or transportation of any patient will be expected to wear all the PPE required of medical responders at that time. Procedures and materials for decontaminating vehicles and limiting exposure risk will be in place for all medical incidents.

Compensation for training will be added as a stipend to a staff member’s first pay period once they begin employment on the ranch. This may vary by department and the average amount of pre-arrival training provided for that department or position.

Staff are compensated at their monthly salary prorated for days worked plus the stipend for additional online staff training completed prior to arrival.

Staff arriving from any high risk (foreign or domestic) area will be subject to mandatory isolation according to the CDC and the NM DOH. That isolation period would need to be completed off site before coming to Philmont.