Work at Philmont AND earn college course credit! You may be eligible for college credit, independent study, practicum, or internship experience if you ask your advisor or professor. Many skills you will learn can directly relate to your major and will make you a stronger job candidate in the future.

How it Works

First, look through the internship ideas below and apply for seasonal employment through the online application. With over 200 positions available during the summer, Philmont has internship opportunities for most career fields.

Once you are hired at Philmont, present your position (description, duties, prospective hours, etc) to your academic adviser for approval. In addition, make sure you’re aware of the requirements you need to complete during your employment. In short, it is your responsibility to initiate and follow through with your internship. 

Finally, when you arrive at Philmont, communicate with your supervisor about anything they may need to do to help you fulfill your internship requirements.  

Internship Ideas

Click through the departments below for examples of internship possibilities. These are meant to give you an idea of what you can accomplish through seasonal employment. However, these certainly not the only options available. If you find another position not listed that will also serve as internship credit, go for it!