Once You’re Hired


Summer 2021 Staff Arrivals Beginning May 1!


So you’ve received a Conditional Offer? What’s next?

ALL seasonal staff are required to undergo an annual Criminal Background Check. The disclosures and authorization form will be sent to you shortly after receiving your verbal conditional offer. Please return your authorization form to Seasonal Personnel at Philmont as soon as possible to avoid any delays. 

Once your Criminal Background Check is complete, you will receive your Staff Packet via email with your Letter of Employment and other required employment forms. Please return your accepted Letter of Employment and completed employment forms PRIOR to your arrival at Philmont. 

Personal Equipment

You’ve packed for an overnight or weekend trip before, but packing for a whole summer can be intimidating. Take a look at the SUGGESTED PACKING LIST for recommendations on what to bring depending on where you are working.

Got questions? Reach out to your hiring manager, the seasonal personnel office, or fellow staff members in the staff current Facebook group (for current staff members; link in staff packet). 

Arrival & Departure

If you’ve been to Philmont before, you probably have a good idea of where to go and how to travel to rural Northeast New Mexico. If you haven’t been to Philmont before, this section will provide information for commercial travel and exactly where to check-in when you arrive at Philmont. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about methods of transportation, commercial travel schedules and fees, and other arrival and departure information.

The map below shows the exact location you should arrive at to begin your check-in process. 

Historical Interpretation

Hired to work at one of our historical interpretation camps? 

If you have been hired to work at one of the following camps, CLICK HERE for an introduction to the Living History Program and resources to prepare you for your summer assignment.

  • Abreu
  • Black Mountain
  • Clear Creek
  • Crater Lake
  • Crooked Creek
  • Cyphers Mine
  • Fish Camp
  • French Henry
  • Garcia Cow Camp
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Metcalf Station
  • Miranda
  • Pueblano
  • Rayado/Kit Carson
  • Rich Cabins