Marketing and Photography Services

Marketing and Photo Services Staff on the porch of their office building in June 2019.

Why Marketing & Photography Services?

Join a team of around 15 specialized staff members with a common interest – the outdoors! Opportunities for professional growth and life-long friendships come naturally as you and the MPS team combine talents to meet project goals.

The MPS team is responsible for documenting, preserving and sharing the stories and images of Philmont.


Your Portfolio

  • Portfolios should include no more than 50 images. It’s great to include landscape photos, though images that demonstrate your ability to capture people enjoying active sports or outdoor activities will help your portfolio stand out.
  • Submit online portfolio to philmont.marketing@scouting.org


Contact Philmont: philstaff@scouting.org


The marketing team works together to manage Philmont’s social media, the website, the PhilNews and other promotional needs. The PhilNews is a weekly staff newsletter distributed throughout the ranch, supplemented by the PhilBlog. Staff should be familiar with the Adobe Suite, especially InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The writer also needs to meet Philmont’s Backcountry hiking requirements.


Photographers are responsible for capturing the magic of Philmont! Through taking marketing and journalistic photos they develop skills that will help them improve their portfolio. Photographers take crew photos as well as hike through the backcountry capturing crews and staff participating in program activities.

Applicants should know how to use a Digital SLR camera and must meet Philmont’s backcountry hiking requirements.


Armed with professional equipment, write, shoot and edit promotional videos for Philmont. Staff will explore Philmont’s backcountry to get the perfect shots.