Arrival and Departure

Raton, New Mexico, is the nearest terminal for Amtrak. Philmont provides daily scheduled transportation to and from Raton ($15 one way). Denver, Colorado Springs, and Albuquerque are the nearest major airports from where you will need to make bus connections to Raton or Cimarron. Greyhound provides bus service to Raton.  Shuttle service information from Denver and Colorado Springs, CO and Albuquerque, NM can be found below. Please note that these shuttles do not run daily and plan accordingly. 

Denver & Colorado Springs, CO Shuttle Information

Albuquerque, NM Shuttle Information

When You Arrive

Staff should plan to arrive during business hours (BEFORE 3PM) on your Arrival Date as specified in your Terms of Seasonal Employment. This will allow you time to complete all of the necessary steps of check-in so that you can begin your scheduled training without delay. No provisions (housing or meals) are made for staff arriving prior to their scheduled arrival day with the exception of those traveling on the eastbound Amtrak train or an airport shuttle. Staff utilizing these travel methods are asked to arrive a day earlier due to the timing of the shuttle arrivals being after 3pm (provisions will be made available for these staff). 

Check-In Procedure

Visit the Seasonal Personnel Desk at the Camping Registration Office immediately upon arrival to begin your check-in process. 

You will need to bring the following with you:

  • Your original documents to verify your employment eligibility with Form I-9
  • Proof of current BSA Membership OR BSA Registration Fee
  • BSA Annual Health & Medical Record
  • Any incomplete forms/training not already mailed in

Once you complete your Check-In Process, report to your supervisor to begin training for your assignment.

Employment Date Changes

As mentioned in your Terms of Seasonal employment, know and understand your arrival, start, end, and departure dates. If for any reason you need to change your dates, let your hiring manager know as soon as possible. When staff arrive earlier than expected, food, housing, or work may not be ready for those staff. When staff leave Philmont earlier than expected or cut their contract short, this puts a burden on the remaining staff and managers who need help to deliver top quality programs, facilities, and services to our customers and to close camp. End date changes resulting from scheduling conflicts that should have been caught earlier will result in resignation. Unreasonable date changes will be taken into account in future hiring decisions.

Check-Out Procedure

Your last working day is specified in your Terms of Seasonal Employment. You should plan to check-out at the Camping Registration Office at 3 PM on your last working day and depart Philmont on the following morning – your departure day.

To Check-Out, you must secure a Staff Check-Out Procedure Card from the Camping Registration Office. It will direct you to necessary places to complete all responsibilities of forwarding addresses, return of checked-out equipment, paying all outstanding obligations, turning in keys, having your living quarters inspected, etc.

Extension of Employment

A staff member desiring to stay at Philmont beyond the last day specified on the Terms of Seasonal Employment must obtain approval from Philmont Management. A change of assigned quarters may be necessary.

Philmont does offer Second Season employment opportunities in support of conferences, Autumn Adventure, and Winter Adventure programs. Applications for those positions are accepted from late-June through mid-July each summer. In addition, a clean-up crew is employed to assist in close down operations. This usually runs about two weeks past the closing of camp, up to Friday of Labor Day weekend.