Personal Equipment

Use the following list as a guide in deciding what to bring. If you are working in Base Camp, you can plan for hot weather during the day (80s to 90s) with cool nights (40s to 70s). It can be much cooler in the higher elevations of the backcountry. Metal wardrobe lockers are provided for staff in base camp and can be locked with a standard gym padlock (you must provide the padlock).

*Pets are NOT allowed at Philmont.

If necessary, Rangers can be furnished with a backpack and trail tent for the duration of employment at no charge (unless damaged).

You will be issued a $45 uniform voucher during check-in to assist with the cost of uniform parts at the Tooth of Time Traders. We recommend 3 polos, 1-2 bottoms, and a belt (staff cap provided). Bring extra spending money if you intend to purchase more than recommended. 

*Items & quantities are recommendations; bring what you think you will need within reason.

Option 1 – Philmont Staff Uniform Qty Comments
Current color Philmont Staff polo 3 Clean & in good condition
Philmont driftwood shorts/pants/convertibles 1-2  
Athletic/hiking socks, BSA or Venturing socks 1  
Philmont or BSA belt 1  


Option 2 – BSA or Venturing Field Uniform Qty Comments
BSA Tan or Venturing Green uniform shirt (long or short sleeve) 1 Optional
BSA or Venturing or Philmont shorts/pants/convertibles 1  
BSA or Venturing socks 1  
Appropriate colored epaulets 1 Color should match your primary BSA registration
BSA or Philmont belt 1  

Be aware of the weather; Expect frequent rain; Know your needs.

Type Qty Comments
Casual clothing 2-3 sets T-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, etc for days off
Sleep clothing 1-2 sets  
Western Clothing   Required for Wranglers/Horsemen
Rain jacket 1 Durable, waterproof, with hood; layer over mid-layer for extra warmth
Mid-layer pullover/sweater 1 Wool or fleece
Outer-layer jacket 1 Synthetic or down recommended for cold night temps
Hat/Beanie 1-2 Staff cap provided; wide-brim hat for sun protection; wool/fleece beanie for warmth
Gloves or mittens 1 Recommended if your hands get cold easily
Underwear 6-12 Enough to last between laundry days
Socks 6-12 Combo of casual/athletic/hiking socks (liner socks optional) to last between laundry days
Sports bras 3-5 If applicable

Treat your feet well and they will return the favor.

Type Qty Comments
Hiking boots/shoes 1 Well broken in, durable, comfortable; Trail runners are acceptable
Camp shoes 1 Closed-toe athletic shoes (for when you’re not wearing boots)
Sandals 1 Optional; socks MUST be worn with sandals
Outdoor Gear Qty Comments
Backpack (50-70L) 1 For short backcountry treks on time off; Pack rentals available to staff (charges for lost or damaged packs)
Tent  1 2-person tents available to borrow from Outfitting Services (charges for lost or damaged tents)
Sleeping bag 1 Rated to 20°F (if you choose to sleep in a sleeping bag all summer and/or backpack on time off
Sleeping pad 1 Provides padding and insulation from ground (if you choose to backpack on time off)
Flashlight/Headlamp 1 Don’t forget extra batteries
Day pack 1 Carrying essentials around camp, day hikes, etc.
Nalgene/Water bottle 2 Durable water bottles, keep hydrated at higher altitude 


Essential Gear Qty Comments
Sheets (twin size) 1 set Sleeping in a sleeping bag ALL summer can get uncomfortable and smelly 
Blankets 1-3 Fleece/wool/down blankets for when it gets cold at night (especially at high altitude camps)
Full-size pillow 1 Be nice to your neck for the summer
Towels 1-2 Recommended that backcountry staff have 2 towel sets (one for backcountry camp and one for base camp)
Laundry bag 1 Canvas or mesh
Toiletries   Soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, hair ties/clips, comb/brush, lip balm (with SPF), skin care products, razor, shave cream/gel, over the counter medicine (allergy, pain, etc.)
Prescription medication   Make sure you have enough to last the duration of employment or have access to refill
Sunscreen 1 You are more susceptible to sunburn at higher altitudes
Watch 1 Punctuality.
Sewing kit 1 You never know when you’ll lose a button or tear a hole in something
Personal First Aid kit 1 Band-aids, moleskin, tweezers, Ibuprofen, etc.
Creature Comforts Qty Comments
Throw rug 1 Add some comfort to your tent/living area
Camera 1 Batteries/chargers, accessories, etc.
Musical instrument(s)   Supplemental replacement parts; not restricted to music camps/positions
Notebook/Pen/Pencil 1 Take notes during training, journal your experiences, send iCamps
Sunglasses 1  
Religious Text   According to your faith
Roll of quarters 1 For coin-operated laundry machines
Thermos/Travel mug 1 For hot beverage drinkers
Flip flops/Shower shoes 1 A little something between your feet and the communal floor
Games (card/board/tabletop)   A deck of cards always provides entertainment; Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Catan, etc. are pretty popular among staff

Shipping Your Equipment

footlocker or trunk is best for shipping your equipment; be sure yours is equipped with a clasp and padlock or a built-in lock to safeguard your gear. 

UPS provides daily delivery to Philmont Scout Ranch and is the most available service in the local area if it is necessary for you to ship your personal equipment. Use your Philmont Mailing Address shown in the section below when shipping via UPS. All shipments must be prepaid. You should plan to ship your baggage at least two weeks in advance of your arrival date and mark each parcel:

Your Name & Dept/Camp
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Incoming packages will be delivered to the Philmont Mail Room at CHQ or the PTC office.

Personal Property Security

Philmont is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. It is recommended that items of value be left at home and that you provide loss coverage for your personal effects. This may be included on your parents’ homeowners’ policy. If you can bring a foot locker and padlock, you will have extra storage and security.

Philmont is NOT responsible for theft of or damage to vehicles, bicycles, or personal property. Damaged or stolen items will not be replaced by Philmont.