Personal Equipment

Use the following list as a guide in deciding what to bring. If you are working in Base Camp, you can plan for hot weather during the day (80s to 90s) with cool nights (40s to 70s). It can be much cooler in the higher elevations of the backcountry. Metal wardrobe lockers are provided for staff in base camp and can be locked with a standard gym padlock (you must provide the padlock).

*Pets are NOT allowed at Philmont.

If necessary, Rangers can be furnished with a backpack and trail tent for the duration of employment at no charge (unless damaged).

Shipping Your Equipment

footlocker or trunk is best for shipping your equipment; be sure yours is equipped with a clasp and padlock or a built-in lock to safeguard your gear. 

UPS provides daily delivery to Philmont Scout Ranch and is the most available service in the local area if it is necessary for you to ship your personal equipment. Use your Philmont Mailing Address shown in the section below when shipping via UPS. All shipments must be prepaid. You should plan to ship your baggage at least two weeks in advance of your arrival date and mark each parcel:

Your Name & Dept/Camp
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Incoming packages will be delivered to the Philmont Mail Room at CHQ or the PTC office.

Personal Property Security

Philmont is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. It is recommended that items of value be left at home and that you provide loss coverage for your personal effects. This may be included on your parents’ homeowners’ policy. If you can bring a foot locker and padlock, you will have extra storage and security.

Philmont is NOT responsible for theft of or damage to vehicles, bicycles, or personal property. Damaged or stolen items will not be replaced by Philmont.