Camping Headquarters (Base Camp)

Mail Room

The mail room is the Headquarters Service Building. Incoming mail may be picked up only by your expedition adviser when your crew arrives at Philmont and when you return to Camping Headquarters from the trail. You may send mail from any staffed camp. 

Trek participants’ address at Philmont is: 

Your Name + Expedition Number
47 Caballo Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Make sure the address contains no more than three lines.


Public phones are available at base camp. Cellular phone service is spotty. Mobile phones are permitted in the backcountry, but not encouraged. Do not rely upon your mobile phone for any important calls during your trek. 

Emergency Phone Calls

The emergency phone number at Philmont is 575-376-2281. Telephone calls to campers are restricted to EXTREME EMERGENCIES ONLY. Since Philmont covers 214 square miles of rugged mountain wilderness, it may take several hours to transport you from some camps to return an emergency phone call. In those cases, it will speed contact when the caller has your full name and expedition number.

Religious Services

Chaplains of the Catholic, Latter-day Saints, Jewish and Protestant faiths reside at Camping Headquarters or the Philmon Training Center during the summer. Quiet hours are observed nightly between 7 P.M. and 8 P.M. at Camping Headquarters during worship services. 

Trading Post

The Tooth of Time Traders carries camping equipment, Scouting items, uniform parts, sundries, and souvenirs. You will have a chance to visit the trading post when you arrive at Philmont and again when you return from the trail. You may also order items online through the trading post website, and many crews have Custom Crew Tees made for them through the Tooth of Time Traders.


Coin-operated laundries with washers and dryers are at Camping Headquarters and at the Training Center. Soap is available at the Tooth of Time Traders. Change machines are in the laundry buildings. 

Lost and Found

There are several locations for lost and found items. For training center participants, the first place to check is your tent city office. For camping participants, the lost and found is in the security building near the Camping Headquarters entrance. The number one lost item is water bottles; the best way to keep from losing items is to make sure your name and crew number are labeled on every item you bring.