Personal Equipment

Please limit the amount of personal gear you bring. Living quarters can become very cramped and security can become a problem. Please use the following list as a guide when you are deciding what to bring.

Consult the personal equipment list in the Philmont Guidebook to Adventure if your job includes backpacking and/or if you plan to day hike or backpack during your free time. Informal dress is appropriate for days off if you plan to leave
Philmont property.

If you are working in Base Camp, please plan for hot weather during the day (80s to 90s) and cool nights (40s to 70s). It can be much cooler in the higher elevations of the backcountry!


  • At least two complete Scout or Philmont staff uniforms
  • Three blankets and sheets or sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Rain suit
  • Moccasins or rubber-soled shoes
  • Lightweight hiking shoes or boots
  • Flashlight
  • Laundry bag
  • Duffel bag or pack
  • Sweater and jacket
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Pajamas
  • Toilet and sewing kits
  • Towels
  • Handkerchiefs
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Long pants
  • Watch
  • Non-electric alarm clock


  • Camera and film
  • Musical instrument
  • Footlocker with lock
  • Wide-brim hat or cap
  • Bible, testament or prayer book
  • Notebook, pen, pencil
  • Songbook
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Western clothing (required for wranglers/horsemen)
  • Fishing gear (New Mexico license required)
  • Scout pocketknife
  • Sandals – only for use in base camp or backcountry camps (not for hiking). Socks must be
    worn with sandals to provide protection.

If desired, rangers can be furnished with a pack and trail tent for the season to use at no cost.

A footlocker or trunk is best for shipping; be sure yours is equipped with a hasp and padlock or a built-in lock to safeguard your gear. Metal wardrobe lockers are provided for staff in base camp and can be locked with a standard gym padlock (you must provide the padlock).

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Philmont Staff Uniform Policy

The Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization, which means properly wearing the Philmont Scout Ranch uniform is part of your job. Proper uniform is required whenever staff members leave their housing area; the exception to this is when staff members leave Philmont Scout Ranch’s property. Staff members are required to be in complete, clean and properly worn uniform whenever they enter Camping Headquarters and Training Center dining facilities, regardless of days off.

Staff members must bring or buy enough uniform parts to be correctly uniformed each day. Participants and guests cannot tell if you are on or off duty, so your uniform reflects on all staff members, even when you are off duty.
Repeated infractions of the staff uniform requirement will result in dismissal.

All new staff members will receive three (3) uniform shirts. These shirts have an antimicrobial wicking fabric.

Each returning staff member will receive one (1) polo shirt and a $25 voucher to be used to purchase other uniform parts such as shorts and pants. (NOTE: Voucher is only valid for Philmont uniform parts.)

The green Philmont Scout Ranch staff shirts are the only shirts that are approved for wear as the official Philmont Scout Ranch staff shirts.

“Carhartts,” jeans and other apparel that are not specifically listed on the next page are not allowed.

Picture ID tags will be provided and must be worn by all staff while in uniform, on duty or off duty and in the backcountry. ID tags are to be worn on the right pocket flap or collar of the Scout shirt or in a similar position on the staff shirt where it can be easily seen.

The official uniform of Philmont Scout Ranch is the current Boy Scouts of America uniform and/or the current Philmont Scout Ranch staff shirt with appropriate uniform parts. Reasonable facsimiles are not acceptable.

Uniform parts from previous official uniforms, improper combinations or insignia or partial uniforms are not acceptable.

Appropriate uniforms

Option 1:

  • BSA Tan Shirt, short or long sleeve
  • BSA Olive Green Shorts, Pants or Convertible Pants
  • BSA Olive Socks
  • Shoulder Tabs (color of your primary BSA registration)
  • BSA Belt or Philmont belt
  • ID Name Tag

Option 2:

  • BSA Venturing Shirt, short or long sleeve
  • BSA Venturing Shorts or Pants OR BSA Olive Shorts or Pants OR Philmont Gray Shorts or Pants
  • BSA Gray Venturing Socks or BSA Olive Socks
  • Green Shoulder Tabs
  • BSA Belt or Philmont Belt
  • ID Name Tag

Option 3:

  • Philmont Staff Shirt (Philmont Green -In Good Condition)
  • BSA Olive Green Shorts, Pants or Convertible Pants
  • BSA Venturing Shorts or Pants
  • Philmont Khaki Hiking Shorts, Pants or Convertible Pants
  • Philmont Gray Shorts or Pants
    BSA Belt or Philmont Belt
  • Athletic White Socks or Hiking Socks
  • ID Name Tag

Socks must be worn at all times, even with sandals. Shirts must be worn “tucked in” at all times.

If you choose to wear a hat or cap it must be an official BSA, Philmont Scout Ranch, Philmont Staff hat or an acceptable western style hat. A wide brim backpacking hat or bandanna may be worn in the backcountry. No hats are to be worn in the dining halls except by dining hall staff members.


Uniform Exceptions

The only exceptions to the uniform requirements are:

  • The staff shirt may be worn with either official Boy Scout uniform shorts or the Philmont hiking shorts in place of the BSA uniform when appropriate. White socks or natural-colored rag wool may be worn with this uniform.
  • Wranglers must wear appropriate western wear while on duty and at breakfast and lunch. They must wear a BSA uniform or Philmont Scout Ranch staff uniform at supper unless they are assigned to a Cavalcade.
  • Philmont Training Center staff members may wear western wear on Western Night. CHQ and backcountry staff members who are visiting Western Night may also dress in western wear, or be in uniform.
  • Interpretive or period costumes (one or more sets will be provided by Philmont) are worn by staff only while conducting programs within the specific backcountry camp environment. Costumes are to be kept clean. (Philmont does not reimburse staff members for personal costumes. Personal costumes, if worn, must be appropriate to the time period portrayed.)
  • Military personnel on temporary assignment at Philmont may wear the uniform of their respective services or the Scout uniform prescribed for staff use.
  • Hazardous or temporary job conditions may occasionally require special clothing. The supervisor will make the exception in each case. Staff members on PHILSAR assignment fit this situation.


Do not bring a pet to Philmont or acquire one during the summer. Seasonal staff members cannot have pets in base camp or in the backcountry. Problems with harassment of wildlife and livestock, annoyance to neighboring staff members and sanitary and hygiene problems make this necessary. If prior approval is given, a cat may be allowed in some backcountry camps to control rodents.

Bicycles and Motorcycles

Helmets are required on any Philmont roads & property.

Due to heavy vehicular traffic, there are a limited number of times and roads where bikes can be safely ridden. Bikes cannot be ridden on narrow pathways and heavily-trafficked roads in the Camping Headquarters area or around the Villa Philmonte grounds. Bikes can be used on the Lovers Leap, Abreu and Cimarroncito roads as far as the turnarounds during daylight before 8 a.m and after 4:30 p.m.Motorcycles are not permitted on turnaround roads.

Due to heavy traffic, U.S. Forest Service regulations only permit mountain bikes on designated trails and roads in national forests. Bicycles, motorcycles or motorized trail bikes are not permitted beyond locked gates at Philmont Scout Ranch. If you bring a bicycle, you are responsible for obtaining a registration sticker when you check in and for securing it outside your quarters.

You must always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle at Philmont.

Firearms and Weapons

Firearms, ammunition and other weapons are used at Philmont Scout Ranch on a closely controlled basis. Personal firearms, ammunition and other weapons are not to be used on Philmont property. Bringing personal firearms to Philmont is discouraged. If you cannot avoid bringing a firearm, it must be checked in at the registration office when you arrive and checked out when you depart from Philmont Scout Ranch. Federal law restricts the transportation of firearms across state lines, so be sure you comply. Sheath knives (fixed blade) are not allowed except as part of an interpretive costume.

Personal Property Security

Philmont Scout Ranch is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. It is recommended that items of value be left at home and that you provide loss coverage for your personal effects. This may be included on your parents ‘homeowners’ policy. You will have extra storage and security if you can bring a footlocker and padlock.

Philmont Scout Ranch is not responsible for the theft of, or damage to, vehicles, bicycles or personal property. Damaged or stolen items will not be replaced by Philmont Scout Ranch.