What To Bring

Living at Philmont for a week will be an outdoor adventure for the whole family! In choosing clothing and equipment, please keep in mind Philmont’s elevation (6,600 ft.). Spring brings potential windy weather along with some early spring storms. Traditional summer weather consists of warm days (70°s to high 80°s), cool nights (30°s to low 50°s), and rainy afternoons. Snow is possible in early to mid-October through the end of the year. 

The following is a basic equipment list for each member of your family, based on what adventure they will be participating in: 

*Required for all Backcountry Activities

If you have confirmed specialty housing, Philmont will provide bedding and towels during your stay. Terrace Tents have the option to bring your own bedding or you can rent a Bed-In-A-Box during online registration. 


*Required for all Backcountry Activities

If you have confirmed specialty housing, Philmont will provide bedding and towels during your stay. Terrace Tents have the option to bring your own bedding or you can rent a Bed-In-A-Box during online registration. 

Participants should be prepared to begin program Sunday afternoon and should be dressed appropriately.  Quantities below include what you are wearing at check-inAvoid bringing cotton items on the trail. 


____ Day Pack for hikes early in the week* 
Pack with padded hip belt. Capacity: 60-70 liters (rental with pack cover also available)* 
____ Pack cover (waterproof nylon)*
____ Stuff Sacks or Large Ziploc bags to keep gear organized and dry in your pack* 


____ Sleeping bag in waterproof stuff sack. (Line the inside of stuff sack with a garbage bag to make it waterproof.) Sleeping bag should be rated to 20 degrees F.*
____ Comfortable Sleeping pad
____ Sleep clothes (T-shirt and gym shorts) to be worn only in sleeping bag*
____ Lashing Straps to hold sleeping bag and pad onto pack* 

Avoid bringing cotton items on the trail. 

____ Hiking boots*  
Boots should be well broken in. High-top boots that provide ankle support are highly recommended   
____ Lightweight tennis shoes to wear around camp* 
____ Two pair heavy hiking socks, wool or synthetic, NO COTTON.* 
____ Two pair liner socks, polypropylene* 
____ Two pair underwear* 
____ Two hiking shirts*  
____ One pair hiking shorts (zip-off pants can double as both shorts and pants)*
____ One pair long pants, Not jeans*
____ One pair insulated underwear (optional, bring if you get cold easy)* 
____ One sweater or jacket, fleece or wool*
____ Hat or cap with brim for protection from the sun* 
____ Stocking cap* 
____ Rain jacket* 
____ Rain pants* 

Personal & Miscellaneous 

____ Small flashlight or headlamp* with new batteries* 
____ Compass*  
____ Bandana*  
____ Lip balm* 
____ Small sunscreen* 
____ Toothbrush and small toothpaste* 
____ Tampons/sanitary napkins* 
____ Sunglasses* 
____ Ditty bag (small stuff sack or Ziplocfor personal smellables in bear bag* 
____ Comb/Brush* 


____ Bowl (plastic)*
____ Spoon (only utensil needed)*
____ Three – quart/liter carrying capacity bottles*



____ Money – in small bills for use at trading post
____ Camera*

Philmont will provide tents. If you have a quality backpacking tent you may bring it for consideration. 

All crew gear and food will be provided. You do not need to bring any extra food.  Please do not bring toilet paper from home. Philmont supplies toilet paper that is non-smellable and biodegradable. 

Please do not bring: cell phones, radios, iPods, video game devices, hammocks, makeup, or deodorant 

*Available at the Tooth of Time Traders. If you need to make purchases once arriving at Philmont, please plan to arrive early enough to visit the trading post before 2:00 pm check-in.


Medical Forms

Philmont provides a full medical staff at Philmont’s licensed infirmary at Camping Headquarters during the summer. The infirmary has doctors, nurses, and medics on duty around the clock for emergencies. Should you or your family need assistance, you can go directly to the infirmary or contact the Training Center office. 

The Philmont Training Center is at 6,600 feet elevation. Visitors from lower altitudes may experience shortness of breath at the beginning of their stay. Humidity is low, so visitors should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. People who are overweight, out of shape, or who have health concerns should consult a physician before coming to Philmont. 

A BSA Medical Form is required for every program at Philmont Scout Ranch. Learn more about which forms you are required to bring. LEARN MORE


Philmont is the National Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America. As a representative of your council, district, or unit, we encourage you to wear a complete BSA uniform to flag ceremonies and meals. Field Uniforms are required for Training Conference Attendees, NAYLE, and PLC participants.

In addition, youth who are involved in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouts, Venturing, or Girl Scouts are also encouraged to wear their Scout uniforms during these times.

Most of the BSA Family Adventure Camp activities are facilitated in the outdoors, where comfortable clothes to move in are recommended. Field Uniforms are not required for Philmont Family Adventure Camp.


A large coin-operated laundry with washers and dryers is located at the Philmont Training Center and is open 24 hours.  Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are available in the laundromat in a coin dispensing machine, along with a change machine.  Detergent and dryer sheets are also available at the Tooth of Time Traders. 

Cost: $.75/wash load, $.25/ten minutes


While at Philmont, your mailing address is:

Your Name
Program or Conference, Date of Attendance
Philmont Training Center
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Outgoing mail is picked up around 10:00am from the mailbox outside the PTC Registration Office, Monday through Saturday.  Incoming mail is delivered to you via Philmont Staff.  Postcards can be purchased at the Tooth of Time Traders and stamps are for sale at the PTC Registration Office. Parcels should be shipped to Philmont via U.S. Mail, Federal Express, or UPS.  Other services do not deliver to Philmont. 

Do not rely on “next day” service, please make sure to allow at least one week for deliveries.

Tooth of Time Traders

Adventure gear, personal items, gifts, and Philmont souvenirs are available for purchase at the Tooth of Time Traders at Camping Headquarters.

The Tooth of Time Traders accepts credit cards, and there is an ATM available. LEARN MORE

National Scouting Museum

While you are at Philmont, make sure to take an opportunity to visit the National Scouting Museum! Personal items, gifts, and Philmont souvenirs are available for purchase here as well. LEARN MORE