Planning Your Visit

Registered attendees will receive a confirmation email, which will contain a link to the PTC Family Guidebook, and other helpful material. The information in this Guidebook and here on our website should help you prepare for your week at Philmont. 

PTC Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to find answers to the most common questions new PTC participants have.


The equipment list indicates the items you should bring, and our policies page suggest items you should not bring to Philmont. 

Shuttle Information

Click here to learn about the Amtrak/Airport/Greyhound shuttle available to help you complete the last leg of your travel itinerary to Philmont. 


Conference attendees may check in from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday. Families with Mountain Trek participants must arrive before 3pm. This gives you time to settle in and spend some family time at Philmont. NAYLE participants should arrive no later than 10am. Philmont staff will greet you and help you through the check-in process. 

Due to the conference preparation schedule, we cannot accommodate early arrivals.  


Please plan to depart by 9am on Saturday. Since most conference weeks have capacity attendance, it is not possible to stay additional nights. Individuals with late bus or train departures on Saturday can be accommodated temporarily.