New Mexico has a mandatory seatbelt law, and speed limits are strictly enforced. 


Philmont does not permit firearms in possession while on the premises. 


Other than those required for assistance, pets are not allowed at Philmont. Animals native to this part of the country are plentiful in the area, and we want this natural environment for all guests to enjoy. The Raton Animal Hospital will board pets at a standard daily rate. You must place your pet before your arrival. 

Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages

As a facility of the Boy Scouts of America, all buildings and tents at Philmont are smoke-free. There are designated smoking areas for those who smoke. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on the property.  


As a representative of your council, district, unit, or community, we encourage you to wear a complete BSA uniform at most Philmont activities and especially at meals. 


Due to extreme drought conditions, we ask all participants and family members to exercise water conservation practices when showering, etc.   


Philmont is blessed with a wide variety of wild animals, including skunks, raccoons, and black bear. Opportunities to interact with these animals are rare, and Philmont would like to keep it that way. In order to minimize animal problems, please refrain storing food in your tents.