Typical summer weather ranges from 70’s to mid 90’s in the afternoons and ranges from 30’s to low 50’s at night, and anything between. Some wind and afternoon showers are common.

Here at the training center, we do not offer classes or special programs to earn merit badges. However, if you feel something your Scout has done could work towards a merit badge we would be more than happy to write a letter stating what the Scout has done. Note: it will be up to your scoutmaster/troop to decide if it can or will be used

We do not have rooms to rent, but each participant and their families are assigned tents and faculty are assigned roofed housing. If you are looking to stay near Philmont check out the hotels in Cimarron or the Casa de Gavilan.

We do have wheelchair accessible tents. If you have special requests or questions please contact the training center.

The tents are for two or three people. We do have cots and cribs if you have younger children.

We do not have hook-ups for trailers but you can bring and store them in the staff parking lot area.

We apologize for any inconvenience but pets are not allowed at Philmont. 

At the Training Center we are able to keep small valuables in the office. Ask our office staff for assistance. 

There is a refrigerator in the tent cities if you need to store medications or things like infant formula but it is not a general use refrigerator. 

Yes, there is one coin laundry located at the Training Center and one at Camping Headquarters.

It is $0.75 to wash a load of laundry.  $0.25 will dry a load of laundry for ten minutes, could add additional quarters for an additional ten minutes.

There is a shuttle bus that leaves from the Welcome Center at Camping Headquarters every hour, on the hour, that goes back and forth to Cimarron, with a $5 per person round-trip fee. Generally, there are participants who have vehicles and would not mind giving you a ride. We do encourage you to find other participants who might be heading that way.

Check-in begins on Sunday at 2:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm. Please note the start and end time and plan to arrive in the time frame.

As you turn into and follow the road to the Training Center there will be staff members to greet you near the covered wagon at 2pm (the Welcome Wagon). We are busy preparing for a great week, please NO early check-ins.

There are a number of things that you can do:

  1. Visit Cimarron and enjoy galleries, museums, and shops.
  2. Visit the Tooth of Time Traders located at Camping Headquarters.
  3. Visit the National Scouting Museum.
  4. Visit Philmont’s Kit Carson Museum at Rayado, located 7 miles south of PTC on Highway 21.
  5. Go on a Villa tour.

The Training Center is open until 7:30pm and staff will be available to assists you if you arrive after the regular check-in times. If you are still not here after 7:30pm, there will be a list of housing assignments on the whiteboard in front of our office. 

Early arrival accommodations are only available for individuals taking one of the airport shuttles. If you are planning or would like to arrive a day early lodging is available in nearby Cimarron. Contact the Cimarron Chamber of Commerce at 505-376-2417 or 1-888-376-2417, website: www.cimarronnm.com 

When shipping to Philmont please format your mailing address as shown below: 

Your Name
Your Conference and the week
Philmont Training Center
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Boxes should be shipped via U.S. Mail, FedEx, or UPS. Other services do not deliver to Philmont. Do not rely on next day service, allow at least one week. 

Shipping from Philmont, stop by the Training Center’s services office and we will help you take care of getting everything back home. 

You will be able to see your child(ren) in the morning before program, during lunch (11:20am – 1:20pm) and in the afternoons after program ends at 4:20pm. Family day is a chance for you and your family to enjoy the afternoon together. Children on Mt. Trek are out for the entire week.

The trails to the tooth of time, other backcountry camps, and summits are restricted to backcountry participants only. Trails that are open for Training Center participants to hike on there own are the Nature Trail, Urraca trail, T-Rex, and Lover’s Leap. If you have questions about these hikes and their location ask a staff member or someone in the registration office. 

The program you are scheduled for will determine the form needed. Please refer to the Health and Medical Record page for more information.

AT&T and Verizon cell towers are located near the PTC (and most carriers have some signal). Incoming messages to the Training Center Office (575-376-2281) are delivered to your tent city staff as soon as possible. Faxing services are not available.